Johannes Knauer

Data Engineer
           Data Analyst 
                      Data Scientist

Johannes Knauer

Data Engineer / Analyst / Scientist



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Machine Learning


Welcome to my portfolio website.

At the moment you can see my portfolio website where I will gradually upload my side projects. These are projects that combine different IT disciplines. Fortunately, I discovered my passion for data analysis through the varied work.

My bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and information technology and the additional several years of work experience as a Data Engineer/Analyst/Scientist will shape my future projects.
Detailed information about my career can be found in my CV.

Skill Set

Python 8/10
Tensorflow/Scikit-Learn 7/10
SQL 8/10
Azure [Data Engineering] 8/10
MongoDB 7/10
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PowerBI 10/10
Microsoft Fabric 6/10
Git/GitHub 6/10

Side Projects

I will predict the 2023 NBA MVP using Machine Learning

The Most Valuable Player Award (MVP) is an annual National Basketball Association (NBA) award given to the top-performing player of the regular season since the 1955-56 season. I use historical data from each NBA player and season to predict the last 5 MVPs (2018-2022).
My regression model correctly predicted all MVPs!
But what are the stats (features) that have allowed my model to perform so well?

I will predict the 2023 NBA Champion using Machine Learning

The NBA playoffs is the postseason tournament (= after regular season) of the National Basketball Association (NBA) held to determine the league’s Champion. I use historical data for every NBA basketball season by an team since 1956 to predict the last 3 Champions.
Spoiler alert: I correctly predicted all champions!
WHAAAT, next year I’ll bet all my money on my prediction.

The electric replica of R2D2

Bib Bib Bub, R2-D2, sometimes spelled Artoo-Detoo and often referred to as Artoo, was an R2-series astromech droid manufactured by Industrial Automaton 32 BBY ago. Resourceful and courageous, the droid has developed an adventurous personality over the course of more than a hundred years.
In my final thesis as a technician, I set myself the task of creating an electronic replica of the cult figure.

Contact Me

Feel free to reach out to me via any of the social media outlets below with your questions and comments!